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Thanks for expressing an interest in having Charles speak or teach at your event. He is keen to help and spread the word wherever he is wanted. If something feels right, he will make every effort to be there.

That said, he has four children at home that need his presence, too, and justifying being away from them isn’t always easy. Enthusiasm is key – if your group is gung-ho about Charles’s message, that energy goes a long way in making the trip go smoothly and effortlessly. Charles loves to be where he is really wanted.

Some things to consider:Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 1.01.39 AM

Check the above Upcoming Event list for Conflicts - Or you may find that an event is already being schedule in your area. That list is kept very up-to-date, usually six months out.

Speaking Engagements – Charles can speak on nearly any topic and is adept at tailoring his speech to your group’s focus or interest. Usually, he prefers to speak for an hour or so and then take questions.  He also does Workshops and Retreats  in length anywhere from four hours to five days on various topics: transition, money, leadership, the gift, and more. Planning as far as possible in advance of a longer workshop is helpful.

Honorarium -  While he accepts conventional arrangements for conferences and such, Charles prefers to operate on a gift basis. For a speaking engagement, that means that he usually asks the host or the participants to make a donation baCharlesBouldersed on their sense of “gratitude, propriety, and value.” He operates largely the same for a workshop, with the caveat being that he likes to ask people to reserve their spot and commit to coming by making a deposit, usually in an amount that will, in aggregate, cover his travel expenses.

Travel and Accommodations – Charles is pretty low key about travel and accommodations. Charles will drive himself and stay with friends whenever possible. He will occasionally bring his wife, one of his children, or his "chief plate spinner" with him. For trips that require air travel,  airfare should be covered and taken into the financial consideration of the event you are creating. Charles usually prefers to be housed in a private home rather than in a hotel.

To inquire, contact Charles through his "chief plate spinner" Marie by completing the form below. She has a very detailed document that she can share with you about how to organize events in the gift and other FAQ's.

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