Envisioning the Future of Civilization

New York, New York

Start: Wednesday, September 19, 2018 at 7:00 pm
End: Wednesday, September 19, 2018
Location: The Assemblege, 17 John Street
Cost: 40.00
Registration: https://events.theassemblage.com/tribalizemovement

In these changing times, many of us are exploring and engaging new systems that can ensure the future of civilization. No doubt, it’ll take a massive coordinated and aligned effort of well-considered regenerative solutions alongside a powerful network of individuals and organizations committed to the collective efforts for such change to occur.

At the center of this evolutionary movement, there are those of us committed to the powerful purpose of creating authentic and holistic communities that are focused on both inner development and transformational practices and outward results and impact. The two go together and must be integrated. Such communities can be urban or local, online or offline, focused on the best of the tribal past and indigenous wisdom, and/or cutting-edge in their explorations of technology, entrepreneurship and conscious evolution.

TRIBALIZE has been developing a knowledge community of visionaries and organizations from this movement who hold key insights for scaling best practices and are dedicated to aligning everyone into an evolutionary networked organization with new paradigm communities around the world, helping them take root and flourish. We are working with other organizations at the forefront of bringing people and communities together and building a greater Alliance.

Join our panel of dynamic thought leaders from the TRIBALIZE community who will reveal some of the findings from a “Mastermind Gathering” on the subject of Envisioning the Future of Civilization earlier in the day. We’ll explore your questions and ideas in a lively dialogue about the critical issues and opportunities in our movement for the future of humanity.

Tickets: $40 / free for members

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