Living in the Gift

Personal and collective transition from an age of scarcity and separation,

to an age of abundance, community, and gift.

About This Course

To inhabit more fully the spirit of Gift is to transform life within us and around us. It is a journey of trust, an exploration of synchronicity, a recalibrating of boundaries, a step into community, a discovery of purpose, and an invitation to friendship with the world.

This self-guided, self-paced course is an induction into the habits and perceptions of the Gift. Everything is on the table: economic and social, psychological and relational, spiritual and cosmological. While money (its presence in our lives and minds) is an important theme, the course goes far beyond New Age doctrines of abundance, because ultimately, no one wants merely to prosper personally within an unjust system. We can do better than that!

We will see the power that comes from developing the foundational understanding that life is a gift, that the world is a gift, and that the cosmos operates on the principles of gift.

Living in the Gift is my most ambitious online course to date. It was recorded over the course of three-month with an initial cohort of participants, in which themes and inquiries emerged organically. The self-guided version is a 14-session series of recordings including webinars, interviews, stories, discussion, and what I call "seed questions" for meditation and practice.

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Session Information

This in-depth course combines pre-recorded interviews, webinars, instructional sessions, and a closed Facebook group dedicated to Living in the Gift. Much of the material emerged organically during the initial live roll-out of the course and was drawn from experiences shared by the first cohort of participants, allowing us to discuss real situations as they related to course concepts.

The course content is now available in self-guided format, so that you can move through it at your own pace. Once registered, you will have access to all materials ongoing.

It is the nature of gift to build relationships. Since new people register for the course daily, we highly encourage you to join the Facebook group to explore course topics with others and to benefit from other people's experiences in integrating the material. Even if you elect not to join, however, you will find much of the material relates to your daily experience and can be shared with others in your local community.

I have designed and intended this course to be something that works on you, with modest time commitment. The only "homework," so to speak, is the seed questions/mantras. You could say that the results will come as a gift. All that is required is your presence, your attention, and most importantly your willingness to receive it.

Course Topics

The yearning to contribute to a more beautiful world while still making a living

Practicalities of gift-based business models

Synchronicity in the path of trust

Gift-based causality: sacrifice, prayer, and morphic resonance

The disintegration and regeneration of community

Pitfalls, principles, and practices in gift culture

Habits of scarcity and their successors

Economic and political issues from the perspective of Gift

Greed and generosity, courage and fear: what is underneath?

Masculinity and femininity in the spirit of gift

Purpose and vision: where do they come from? How to serve them?

Psychology of giving and receiving

Art, story, music, intuition, and creativity through the lens of gift

Greater abundance, generosity, and gratitude in your life


Feedback from Participants

“I just wanted to offer a few words of gratitude and encouragement for the Living in the Gift course. I am so enthusiastic about the course that I've been talking to practically everyone I know about it. I think you are touching on very profound truths and have found a great way to help a great many people connect with and live out of these truths. I am so glad to be able to journey with you and the whole crowd of companions who are joining the course." — Laurence
"Thank you Charles for this course; the content is life-altering." — Judy
“I’m both getting and giving a lot out of it. One thing I’m seeing more clearly than ever is what a gift just being alive is and how blessed I am, even blessed to have the challenges that cause growth and change.” — Todd
"Like so much of what you offer, this course has helped me see that I am so not alone and to feel supported in stepping more fully into my calling. There was a moment at the end of the Q&A call when Charles said "thank you, thank you, thank you" and seemed to shed a tear. That moment really struck me. Thank you for seeing all of us longing to live in the gift through eyes of love and compassion." — Rachel

Program Fees

The price for this course is.... just kidding. As usual, I am not the one to determine the price. Rather, each participant will decide for themselves what tuition amount feels right, clear, and fair, reflecting their financial condition as well as their feeling of value and gratitude. Zero is welcome as well. In this regard, my team and I are applying a basic principle of gift -- one does not specify what the return gift shall be.

We’ll explain more when you register. You may choose to pay what a normal online program of this level of quality costs, or you may choose more, less, or even zero. We cannot really put a number value on it. That is not because we don’t think it is valuable. It is because we don’t know what the value will be, especially given the wide diversity of financial means out there.

Therefore, we offer the course as a gift, trusting the generosity of participants to support us in developing and sustaining in-depth learning journeys like this one. The team and I trust your judgement about what represents a commitment on your part and respects your financial situation.

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