Space Between Stories

A Learning Journey With Charles Eisenstein

About This Journey

Our civilization is entering a profound transition. For simplicity, I call it a transition from the story of Separation to the story of Interbeing. As this shift gathers momentum, the old answers to questions like, “Who am I?” “What is important?” “How should one live life?” “How does the world work?” “What is a human being?” “What is real?” are becoming obsolete.

So for example, on the collective level, we no longer believe so firmly in old paradigms like the conquest of nature, the “onward march of civilization,” or better living through chemistry. The converging crises of our time make them impossible to hold onto, and their unraveling induces the same on all the systems built atop them.

For many of us, something similar is happening, or has happened already, on a personal level. That’s what this program is about, although inevitably we touch on transpersonal issues as well. It is for people who are approaching the space between stories, who are in the midst of that space, or who are recently emerged from it.

And what is the space between stories?

It is the time when the old story of who I am, what is real, and how to navigate life has broken down. It is the time when my familiar ways of making meaning are no longer relevant. I don’t know who I am. What had seemed so permanent, reliable, understandable and real is revealed as an illusion. It is a state of “I don’t know.” Usually some kind of crisis initiates it, perhaps in work, relationship, health, or money. It could also happen through a powerful experience that irreparably breaches one’s story of self and story of the world. Either way, we know that normal isn’t coming back again.

Only from the emptiness, the letting go, the unknowing of this state can something truly new emerge. It happens in its own time, according to its own unknowable wisdom and logic. Sometimes the new story (and the ways of thinking, being, and doing that accompany it) emerges gradually, in glimpses and revelations, disappointments and setbacks. For others, it seizes them and plunges them into a new world so quickly that they hardly know what happened. Even so, because we live in a society built upon the Story of Separation, those living in the new story face great challenges – economic, social, psychological – that come from that disconnect.

Please understand that this process is not necessarily linear. Also, I do not mean to imply that some are in the old, some in the new, and that the latter are therefore more evolved. This transition has many dimensions. We can be bound by the unconscious habits of separation in one area, while free from them in another. But I find that each breakthrough invites others to happen, until no aspect of life remains untouched.

This learning journey might be valuable to you if...

You are in some way stuck in an old story (work, relationship, bodily condition, etc.) but you can feel it is unsustainable, that a change is on the horizon, that it is starting to break down.....

You are in the space between stories. The old world isn’t coming back, but the new one hasn’t arrived yet either....

You are living in a new story, and it feels maybe a little tender or fragile, and you want support and a frame of reference to help navigate its challenges.

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Session Information

This learning journey includes six recorded audio sessions lasting about 1.5 to 2 hours each. This is not the kind of course where you just sit back and are presented with interesting ideas, although you could use it that way. In addition to in-depth explorations with our guests and participants from the live course, you’ll be offered study questions and processes to integrate the ideas. Some of these processes go quite deep, although since you’ll be participating online, it is really up to you how deeply to engage them. The more sincerely you do so, the more powerful they will be.

In addition, you will join a private Facebook group formed specifically for participants in the Space Between Stories. This allows the material to stay alive and offers a place to explore your experience in between listening to the recorded sessions, so that everyone has a chance to work with and integrate the material in community.

I (Charles) am the host, framing each session, guiding processes, telling stories, offering dialog topics, and fielding questions. Joining us are some extraordinary guests whose work inspires me and speaks to the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible. They don’t give canned presentations; instead they draw from their wisdom to speak real-time with me and with the group as a whole, revealing their own learning edges, and sharing the experience they have gained as edge-walkers.

Some Questions We'll Explore

Part of “I don’t know” applies to my experience as the host in all my learning journeys. The content within the original live program developed organically, and it will also continue to evolve as a self-guided inquiry in this online space since it is paired with an active Facebook group.

As the recorded sessions took place, some topics expanded into others; some disappeared. And as the learning journey grows and continues in self-guided format, new themes will emerge on the Facebook group – it is truly a co-created, emergent experience (in keeping with the spirit of its title). So, take the following as a starting point:

The Story of Separation
The Story of Interbeing
The Story of Self
The Story of the World
The Invisible Path
Despair as Gateway
What is fatherhood in a new story?
The Victim Story
Ethics, Spiritual Materialism, and the War Against the Self
Finding the Wound Beneath the Story
The Initiatory Ordeal
Finding a Compass When You Have No Map
The Power of “I Don’t Know”
Synchronicity and the Guiding Intelligence of Liminal Space


Program Fees

Upon registration, you will choose a self-determined fee that feels right to you. We cannot really put a number value on it. That is not because we don’t think it is valuable. It is because we don’t know what the value will be, especially given the wide diversity of financial means out there. Therefore, we offer the course as a gift, trusting the generosity of participants to support us in developing and sustaining in-depth learning journeys like this one.

We trust you to choose an amount that is right for you. I suggest an amount that feels like you are making a real commitment that reflects our own commitment, and that respects your financial situation.

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