1. Hi, thanks for the notice!
    but can’t see the the podcast link in this page, just an image (B/W) of soundcloud

  2. Dear Charles
    thank you so much for the replay of your great talk at St. James’; whe I lived in London I attended events every so often; it is a magical place alright¨

    With Love from Switzerland

  3. Thank you very much for the soothing experience of this take. It incourages me to keep believing and following that, which I already know but often end up questioning.

  4. I wonder how McPherson would respond to Charles’ assertion that we don’t understand how the Earth works hence are trapped by the logic of catastrophism and NTHE? I wonder if Guy reads CE’s stuff? A dialogue with both could be fertile ground, we might all share some bewilderment ‘compost’.
    Where else does CE address why not to give up on survival of earth as habitable place for humans and mammals generally?

    One effect on me of this talk was to start taking notice of the ways I ‘contradict’ the story of separation, what I have called the ‘cultural trance’, in the life I have as a small permaculture farmer. It leads to discovering more such ‘insignificant’ disruptive political acts.

  5. This was so helpful to me
    I am inviting people, in the village where I live, to come and sit and enjoy sharing silence together in the beautiful places in the countryside where we live
    And I seem now to be a part of a team of people from the village who are joining together to protect parts of that countryside from the housing development that is threatening it..
    This was never something I had planned to do
    But the most important part of it I’ve just realised from your talk Charles, is to sit with these threatened places
    And listen…well I don’t believe it will end there
    I hope what I’ve written makes sense
    But, thank you very much for this talk

  6. New Podcast!!!! Awesome Charles!! Been anticipating the next one and today is the day! Thank you for posting, listening to this as we speak and will try and chirp back in asap.

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