Orland Bishop: Word, Gift, and Money (E18)

This podcast is a conversation between me and Orland Bishop, recorded in Santos, Brazil in front of the attendees of Giftival. Even though the audio quality isn't perfect, I want to release this recording anyway in hopes of transmitting to you some of what Orland has transmitted to me. He draws from a deep pool of wisdom that is carried not only by his words, but by the voice beneath them. I don't use phrases like "deep pool of wisdom" very often, and in this case it is not a cliche. We talk about gift and relationship; the power of word, story, and intention; money and the financial system, and other topics. You might sometimes find Orland hard to understand. That's OK. Just let the words reverberate in you.




P.S. For those of you who like videos of things, there is also this. You'll notice that the audio and the video are not the same length. This is because the audio was corrupted in a few places and we had to edit out parts of the conversation to make it listenable.


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