Lyla June Johnston (E11)

What are the perils of working "in the system" as opposed to trying to change it from the outside? In this multidimensional conversation, Lyla and I expand and perhaps transcend that question. We weave together topics as seemingly divergent as Peak Oil, recovering dying languages, the "emperor's new clothes" syndrome, and the importance of small, barely visible actions that contradict what is normal or realistic. The poetry and insight of this young woman is not to be missed.


  1. Hi, I’m responding from Holland. I am totally in the same field of the Other Territory. I studied Native American as well as European Celtic Nature Wisdom. For me too, it is about teaching and actually. remembering the Inner Natural Wisdom for people. Live and work along natural wisdom, creating a live of connection and compassion. I created (Smaragd) Emerald, School for Natural Wisdom. I work as social scientist, teacher, coach, author and speaker. I would love to return to the States to share my insights in a co-creation, dialogue or workshops. With my natural greetings, Yoke de Wilde,

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