Judith Schwartz: Ecological Healing with Water (E30)

Judith Schwartz is the author of several books, most recently Water in Plain Sight. She is a leading advocate of what is coming to be known as "rain for climate" -- a shift in emphasis toward water as the most important substance in understanding and addressing climate change. We talk about water, soil, and plants, trees and cows, dogmatism, veganism and meat, and other topics.



  1. Thanks, Charles and Judith, for a deeper look into and appreciation of the living planet viewpoint. Inspiring. Have either of you read the work of Stephen L. Talbott’s (of the Nature Institute)? Stephen is a philosopher of science who, starting with a focus on genetics, shows via detail after detail, the limitations of a mechanistic framework that still influences genetics and biology. His alternative framework supports, in my view, you living planet perspective in deeply precise detail. A link to his project, Biology Worthy of Life: http://natureinstitute.org/txt/st/org/index.htm

    Again, thanks.

  2. Thank you! This was inspiring and very empowering. I came away from this with a broadened view of global warming and a new sense that my trees and plants on my 5000 square foot city lot are as healing as they intuitively feel to me.
    I want to thank you too for touching on how our culture so fears death and how this limits the conversations we could be having. As a long time cancer patient I have had the luxury of exploring this fear in some detail. There is a real freedom, a lightening up with the acceptance of our own deaths.
    Thanks again.

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