Brown Koroskenyi and Pamela Lyness: Healing With Nature (E06)

Charles speaks with Brown Koroskenyi and Pamela Lyness of the Avatar Centre, an experimental community in the Amazon dedicated to recovering knowledge of how to live harmoniously with the land. Of course, we needn't go to the Amazon to do this, but each place on earth has its own unique medicine. What are the gifts of the Amazon, when we no longer seek to strip it of the wealth we call "natural resources"?

From This Episode:

The true medicine for the earth at this time is integrating that wisdom, not in isolation, but bringing it back to how we relate to each other every day.” - Pamela Lyness

We are not separate minds. Our being, our thinking, our perceiving, all of that, is inextricably woven into the environment.” - Charles Eisenstein

Find out more about the Avatar Centre by visiting their website, or their Facebook page.


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