Eivind Skjellum: Journey through the Archetypes (E13)

This conversation with the Norwegian men's coach and teacher Eivind Skjellum is a deep and at times raw introduction to an extraordinary transformational map Eivind has created (or, more accurately, that he has discovered). Created for men, I think it has impact on anyone who encounters it. The places he describes carry a profound psychic resonance: the City of Slumber, the Point of No Return, the Meeting with the Mapmaker of the East, the Abyss, the Demon's Feast, the Beauty Path, the Encounter with the Black Knight, and many more. This conversation is part of my online learning journey, Masculinity: A New Story. If you'd like to subscribe to the entire series, you can do that here: Masculinity: A New Story.



  1. I agree! Living in faith ,living the life that shows up, with purpose creates surprises ,mystery,and some magic.
    You are speaking to my truth. Yes, we have no answers, no guantees, no guidelines. What we do have is hope,
    Yes, in this life we need support by those souls who can speak our new language.
    I’m glad men are working on these things. Women need to recognize what limits us , we need to support each other and not be competitive,comparing ourselves to each other. We need to see ourselves though different eyes.
    Human beings need to rediscover our humanity. Simplify ourselves.
    Thank you for giving me more Hope to spread.
    Love is always the answer.
    Yes, this way of thinking is radical. I’ve rebeled my whole life and taken a different path. I’m glad others are rejecting the values set up for us and are redefining for ourselves.

    • Thanks Eivind,I really appreciate your work and all that you are doing to help men find their purpose/calling.I loved the fact that there was a 3 yr. old joining us on the podcast.It has been stated that a “child shall lead them”,I’m 70 now and I do appreciate all the young people who have empacted my life and you being one of them.

  2. Guys I just wanted to offer my sincere gratitude for this podcast. My desire to explore these sorts of conversations is newly emerging but as a woman who is coming into herself and trying to get a grasp on the emerging roles of the masculine and the feminine in current times it gives me a great sense of relief, joy and anticipation to hear your words, see the work you are both doing and know that there is an awakening within the masculine that is both transformational and self-supporting. You were vulnerable, powerful and inspirational. You moved me. I see you both and support your journeys. With love and thanks. Emma xxx

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