An Evening with Satish Kumar (E20)

Satish Kumar is, in the truest sense of the word, an elder in the peace and ecology movement. To me personally, he is one of those deep allies who confirms that the most radical ideas I work with are not in fact crazy. It was my honor to weave this tapestry of conversation with him. We spoke about gift culture and the natural order; value, values, and the standardization of everything; the perils of over-reliance on metrics; speaking to power and preaching to the converted; gratitude and contentment, and much more.

The film mentioned early in the Podcast is Quest, by film-maker Bruce Parry.



  1. It was a lot of territory to cover in two hours! I was worried when I saw the two-hour run-time, but it felt very lively. I like the format of half featured conversation and half Q&A. Looking at the list in the sidebar, I think I have some catching up to do! This comes with a deep bow of gratitude and a high-five of appreciation.

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