Julio Olalla: A Story of Gratitude (E05)

Charles speaks with life coaching legend Julio Olalla about the power of gratitude, and more generally, the role of story and perception in forming the ground from which actions arise. Julio shares an amazing story of synchronicity and gratitude that also hints at the world-changing effects of choices that, in the moment, might seem insignificant.

From this episode:

"The fact that we have stopped listening to the universe and nature has created in us an age of solitude, because there are no other voices, only human voices." - Julio Olalla

"When anybody is in gratitude, every perception is different and every response to a situation is different. It colors your whole world. And the things that we try so hard to achieve become either irrelevant or effortless." - Charles Eisenstein

Julio Olalla, founder and president of The Newfield Network, is a master at generating learning environments that establish the trust, safety, respect, and well-being that accelerate the potential for new thinking and action. Find out more on his website.


  1. Also can’t get it to play….4:22PM. Won’t download; iTunes “failed – forbidden” Please fix and let us know; eager to hear it….Thanks

  2. Everyone: it seems to not play or download, true, but the link at the end to Soundcloud works!

    It’s a small link at the end of the post, just above the “comments”. The podcast is stored in Soundcloud, where I can play it.

  3. “If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough.” -Meister Eckhart

    Thank you Charles and Julio for sharing you wisdom and stories.

  4. The magic of life. The gifts from the cosmos, the kindness of strangers, even the trials and tribulations that teach us such valuable lessons and give us great strength. Coincidence? Well, sure, everything is coinciding all the time….always and ever. It’s when we pay attention and find the gift that we recognize just how fully the cosmos has our backs. And the more we pay attention and the more we allow our gratitude and FAITH to grow, the more obvious the compassion of the cosmos becomes. How anyone could possibly not recognize “I love you” on a gold medallion at such a seminal moment as divine is beyond this rationalist’s comprehension. I am so grateful for my own little experiences with “the divine jokester’s poke” (or tender kiss ) and the incredible gifts life has offered that it does indeed inspire a great desire to serve, to give back, to be that for others, to be that for the earth and the cosmos. But it’s not about great effort, some great deed or product….it’s the every day interactions and choices we make. Revising presuppositions in the face of great humility when old stories collapse, acceptance of what is and what things can be when we accept the “I don’t know” and open ourselves to new ways of learning. A way to be, a place to dwell. Beautiful stuff here, thank you.

  5. Listening to both Julio and Charles felt like spending time with TWO masters of awareness — showing us the pathway towards a future where we truly discover new capacities within ourselves(!) to not only dream of, but CREATE, the more beautiful world. Feeling deep gratitude…

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