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  1. PARADOX is the most beautiful word to me.

    I was just relishing Charles` Letter to Self and resonating at every single point – my very Being lifted, soared at how `he gets it`.

    THEN I came to the end and my heart has sunk. At the end he states categorically that you can`t do this alone. And that is where PARADOX yet again hits me. My whole experience of my life is exactly that I have been deep down alone – not lacking in company if I wanted it but that company not resonating with Who I Am. So I don`t want that company.

    I am alone. And yet Charles insist I can do it alone.

    I see PARADOX like an oyster and how that grit of duality, the struggle of being 100% physical and 100% `spiritual` (and yep I do realise that that is impossible as there cannot be 200% but that right there is the paradox because I experience myself as 100% of each!) – hold the truth, the pearl. And the oyster is the hardened shell of physical,ego based life protecting the 100% heart of the matter of life itself – and both are necessary, both are who I am.

    This is the extract, the end of the Letter to Self that says I fall back on the sword of despair:

    Dear self:

    None of this advice can be sustainably implemented by a heroic effort on your part. You need help. Seek out other people who reinforce your perception that a more beautiful world is possible, and that life’s first priority is not security, but rather to give of your gifts, to play, to love and be loved, to learn, to explore.

    When those people (your tribe) are in crisis, you can hold them in the knowing of what you know. And they can do the same for you. No one can do this alone.

    That the end of that then!

  2. Thank you for putting words to the feelings that some of my learning experiences have brought me. “Losing” oneself and “finding” oneself can often be painful, ego-deflating and just plain scary! But kind souls along the way have tried to help me learn self-awareness and to find my own courage. I have watched and read your work for years Charles, and I have often wondered how your path came to be what it is. Life can be funny if we let it be, yes?

  3. Hi, Charles.

    Thanks for this letter to your younger self. It resonated with me and was very helpful.

    I just wanted to let you know that Erick Joseph’s film is not accessible. It is marked as private on YouTube.

    Best wishes,