Seppi’s Place (E08)

Here is a conversation with a group gathered for Charles' birthday at "Seppi's Place," which is kind of a new story waystation for people, especially young people, to develop in ways that society's institutions don't support. We envision a network of such places developing around the country and around the world; permaculture centers, coworking spaces, social enterprise incubators, places of healing, art, and music... places to start walking a different path.

From This Episode:

"I like having music in my space. Recorded music just doesn't do it, because recorded music isn't sensitive to the tone of the room. It's not sensitive to my mood. It's not sensitive to the energy. There's just no substitute for live music." - Charles Eisenstein

Offering a gift-based co-working space, Seppi's Place intends to be a central hub for the local community to bring ideas, skills and personalities together. Find out more on Seppi's website.


  1. Hey Seppi!

    You are doing the work. Our Nest sounds like a carbon copy in Ottawa of what is happening in your home town. New networks are being made. Much love

  2. How I love an intergenerational gathering! This was really intimate – just what I needed at a very isolated time in my life.

  3. This was great, thanks very much! Perhaps I’ll pay a visit to Seppi’s place come springtime. I’ve got deep roots in Harrisburg and I’m pretty sure the Stablers who are still there are philanthropists. Perhaps I could get acquainted with them and help you all along!

  4. Hello,
    What a beautiful place it sounds like. I live in New York, I am a musician/student and I am always looking for things like this in the city. Does anybody know of somebody/something like Seppi’s place in NYC?

  5. Appreciate hearing juicey roundtable that includes youth voice. Keep up the good work & play! Joining in in spirit from my community in oregon.

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