1. Very well put! I face the same challenges as a high school teacher. I have also been persuaded by organizations like Sudbury and Liberated Learners that I have opened my own self-directed learning center. But for now I remain a full time public school teacher – and I see the poison of coercion every day. I think it will take an act of civil disobedience among educators & students across the country to fix this problem. Or as I and many others are doing, a movement to create self-directed education available to every learner at every level in every community. Check out Uncollege and the Open Masters degree programs. Universities ignore these at their peril, I think. Thanks for the essay. I will share it with everyone I can.

  2. As a homeschooling mom who has been teaching my kids for 10 years now, this article is a continuation of the unschooling movement that is unfurling my mind. I am a very structured teacher. I thrive on order due to my discombobulation in general. Memory issues and such have caused a dependency of sorts on schedules, lists and the like. My mind comprehends the value of unschooling, but I would have to whiteness it in action to tear the veil, so to speak, of the effects of the indoctrination of public school. However, every time I read more on this topic, the tiniest bits of understanding find their way into my consciousness. Unfortunately, they are yet random, jigsaw pieces, with no contiguous pattern. I have yet to grasp the way each fits into the big picture. Luckily, perseverance is my gift. Thank you for more jigsaw pieces!

  3. I wish i could have seen it this way when i was in school . I hated so much of school and found it pointless. But i worked hard i tried my best to get good grades and i did at the cost of love friendship self realization. Its very painful to be an adult and have been robbed of youth

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