Thank You for Your Gift

Thank you so much for your gift to help support my work.  The voluntary financial support of my contributors is what enables me to keep 100% of my work outside pay walls, to put the full text of all my books on line, and to free my choices about where to speak from financial pressure. It enables me to fully devote my gifts toward their true purpose, and to lose myself in their service. It is because of gifts like the one you just made that I can continue to work in the gift and support my family and work.

Gift is especially appropriate for me since I don't see the work I do as "my" work at all. The things I write and speak about come to me as gifts, whether in the mundane sense of drawing on a cultural and intellectual context, books and conversations, or more mysteriously as sudden, unbidden insights and intuitive downloads. Sometimes these take my breath away and leave me on my knees in gratitude, gratitude for this gift that has come from beyond my self.

Thank you.