The Daily Banter (2018)


In the Bantercast, Ben and Michael talk with famed author and speaker Charles Eisenstein about the growing identity crisis we are facing in the West. What is the origin of wrongness in the world? How can we live more meaningful lives, and what can we do to fulfill our potential?



  1. Hello,
    Enjoyed this interview, much excellent and thought provoking material. However, I found the bit about ‘boomers’ not meriting respect as elders to be over simplified, glib and insulting. Are older people only to be respected if they agree to sit at home in their rocking chairs & act old? Is there something wrong with doing what one can to maintain physical health and fitness? Is it not a good thing that many, if not most, people don’t physically look as old at 60 as their parents & grandparents did at 45 or 50? Is there a bit of projected expectations of a younger generation going on here? I agree that to idolize youth for its own sake is not good, nor dignified past a certain point that varies individually, but neither is it good to criticize age for retaining vigour and zest for living.

    • Joe,
      I think Charles was referring to Stephen Jenkinson’s book “Die Wise: A Manifesto for Sanity and Soul.” There’s also a documentary about Stephen — “Griefwalker” (produced in 2008) —which you might find interesting.

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