1. I loved seeing you on Super Soul Sunday with Oprah. You reminded me that we are all connected–I knew it but it’s kinda hard to think of myself connected ti Donald Trump. I will try to not hate him as a person even though I really dislike some of his actions. Thank you!

    • The fact is that every opportunity he gets he shows what a horrible person he is: devoid of compassion. incapable of empathy. He is literally incapable of inhabiting those basic human traits. He is a sociopathic, pathologically lying narcissist. I want to think we are all connected as well, and that compassion and empathy can change our relationships, but in this case to have someone so fundamentally toxic to a basic functioning society as the leader of our nation can’t be solved by the rest of us bending over backwards to try and relate to him, his party or to show him compassion. He is a black hole of a human being. Evil should not be embraced or encouraged and he is doing that daily.

  2. FANTASTIC interview with Charles Eisenstein! ! ! Loved every thought, story of how we all seek love, understanding and connection! To our world and each other.
    Love, love, love this interview! ! ! !

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