Awakened By A New and Ancient Story That We’ve Known All Along (2018)

Here is a podcast interview (May 2018) with Ryan Honeyman for Lift Economy.

Some highlights from Ryan’s interview with Charles include:

  • Enumerating anecdotes of the rapid ecological & economic destruction during the past half-century while reframing how we think about scaling solutions for complex, adaptive, living systems – especially with regard to solutions for addressing climate change like regenerative agriculture
  • Charles talks about his forthcoming book: Climate: A New Story
  • Charles models using the framework of story & narrative to enroll people into a more harmonious paradigm, juxtaposing and contrasting the conditioned behavior that derives from the stories we believe
  • Examining the “war on evil” story we’re often told as an explanation for the cause of racism that invites us into a judgemental position that shut out relevant data points and how we might replace this perforated story by examining deeper underlying conditions and create the conditions for a more compassionate story to arise

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