1. when a system self-justifies the expenditure publicly spent on it, then it is always looking for “victims” to keep it fed. Many of the “white middle class” you consider as previously having been unaware of these issues are in fact feeding themselves by the jobs they do that perpetuate the system. I know I was one.
    It is going to take a lot of soul-searching for all of us to understand what I mean by this. Then we can begin the conversations and actions that will collectively shift the ground for all of us in this Titanic infrastructure. It will take a majority willingness to make it truly effective. But I think it will be worth it when we realise we don’t have to choose between being a perpetrator OR perpetuator. There is another choice. Let’s find it together.

  2. What is becoming less tolerable to me is the “ain’t it awful” in my newspaper that acts as if we’re wanting to perpetuate this sub-civil culture that doesn’t work as if we were incapable of change. Bill Gates acting as if we subscribe blindly to wanting this culture that produces mega-inequity. We industrialize because we can rather. Let’s choose to resuscitate broken cultures that our wars leave in their wake that spawn migrations. Let’s feed and clothe and love. That goes for the unborn of the future who will need clean water, air, soil. Let’s act as if we are responsible for what we create.

  3. As a white working and middle class man living in Europe and having been raised in New Zealand I have very limited first hand experience of this culture of incarceration. I was granted the grace of deferring whatccould have been a path to prison in my early 20’s. With the unwavering support of a mother who was always there for me I managed to straighten out and work through some very difficult issues. If on the other hand I was locked up my chances of maturing into a conscious and responsible citizen would have been serverly hampered. My heart goes out to those of us banged up behind steel bars with a slim at best chance of experiencing love, kindness and empathy that I took for granted. May we awaken to the damage and violence perpetrated and realise that we ALL have the ability to be violent and destructive and choose to see ourselves in others shoes.

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