Rex Brangwyn

RexRex Brangwyn

Rex Brangwyn is an Osteopath and Kinesiologist of 30 yrs experience, currently working at the Tree of Life Centre in Brighton UK. He is also a Trauma Therapist, working with PTSD using evidence-based interventions. As an MSc qualified Organisation Consultant, he works with charities to achieve their goals by helping them align their values, principles and practices. As a qualified PsychoSexualSomatics Therapist and Trainer, he helps men, women and groups explore Erotic Intelligence and Authentic Relationship.

In 2014 Rex spent four months working and studying at a peace community called Tamera in Portugal, a “school and research station for realistic utopia” founded in 1978 seeking to “develop a non-violent life model for cooperation between human being, animal and nature” and “the healing of love and of human community.” He regularly visits Tamera to offer his skills, and to experience and learn from community life.

Rex is an active Leader and Trainer in A Band of Brothers, a Rites of Passage Mentoring charity established by men committed to positive social change, personal development and community building, through working with young men in the criminal justice system. He is also part of a multidisciplinary team that set up Enthum House, a pilot project providing residential care, community integration and healing for unaccompanied asylum-seeking children.

Rex Brangwyn BA Hons DO MSc GOsC NCP ASIS