Eivind Figenschau Skjellum

EivindEivind Figenschau Skjellum

Eivind's journey of Becoming is an unlikely one. A true skeptic and pragmatist at heart, he never dreamed growing up that he would become an initiator of men.

To some, Eivind is best known as the founder of Masculinity-Movies.com, which grew out of his own confusion about what it meant to be a man. By pursuing his own quest for answers, he ended up as an authority in his very own niche, that of deep archetypal analysis of masculinity in popular movies.

These days, however, Eivind channels most of his energy into running Reclaim your Inner Throne, a body of work which is offered both as a co-ed workshop and a men-only 3-month online initiation. RYIT has quickly gained a reputation for being incredibly powerful, with the capacity to completely turn a man's life around in a short timeframe. It's been praised by the men who have taken the journey so far, and named "the next wave in men's work".

Eivind is on a Quest to awaken as many men as possible, because he believes we are living through the death-throes of a masculine paradigm that no longer serves us. He is committed to co-creating an army of conscious men - and ultimately conscious people - who can hold space for the deep and potentially challenging global change he believes is coming.