The Space Between Stories Gathering 2019

Garrison, New York

Start: Wednesday, September 25, 2019 at 3 pm - 6 pm (before dinner registration)
End: Sunday, September 29, 2019 at 1 pm (after lunch)
Location: The Garrison Institute
Cost: Self-determined, plus lodging (see below) and a $75.00 deposit
Deposit Required: $75.00
Registration: Click Here or scroll down for registration form.

Point of Contact: Marie Goodwin /

The purpose of this gathering is to generate a collective field of insight, clarity, and evolution in navigating “the space between stories,” that lies between an old and new story-of-self and story-of-the-world.

We will also immerse ourselves in the perceptions of an emerging new story -- unique to each one of us, yet participating in a planetary shift of consciousness, politics, money, medicine, and knowledge.

What is the Space Between Stories? It is that time when the old story that answered deep questions like “Who am I?” “What is important?” “How to live life?” “What is real?” “Why are we here?” “What is a self?” has fallen apart, and a new story has not yet crystallized. Whether through a crisis in health, relationship, or work, or through a gradual erosion, more and more people are in this phase or are fast approaching it. The same could be said for society as a whole. We are approaching a collective version of the space between stories.

This gathering is intended for people in that phase of the journey, or who can see it coming, or perhaps have recently gone through it into a new story that isn’t yet fully formed.

Format and Content

The gathering will consist of eight sessions, starting on Wednesday evening (the 25th of September) after dinner and ending after a session on Sunday morning (the 29th) before lunch (both dinner on the first day and lunch on the last day is included.) Generally, they will consist of conceptual discourse and storytelling from me, accompanied by various experiential processes to communicate the information on other levels. Basically, the gathering is a deep immersion in the concepts I have spoken and written about in the last ten years.

With 200 people gathered over a few days, this is NOT an occasion for deep grief work, cathartic trauma release, group therapy, etc. I do expect and intend that it will, for many, serve as a powerful evolutionary quickening; that it will shed light on intractable questions; that it will resolve old paradoxes and open up new ones. For some of you it will be life-changing; at the very least it will bring to light hidden habits and perceptions that the Story of Separation has bequeathed us. It will offer opportunities to clear those habits and cultivate new ones animated by a new (and ancient) story. It will, I hope, crystallize the next step into a fuller habitation and embodiment of the Story of Interbeing. And perhaps most importantly, it will connect each participant with others on a similar path.

Cost and Logistics

Date:  September 25-29th, 2019 (Wednesday - Sunday)

Location: The gorgeous Garrison Institute

We offer this event on a you-choose-the-price basis. The tuition is up to you.

Registration and payment will be done in three steps:

  • The first step: We collect some information about you and a $75 deposit to reserve your space.
  • The second step: You complete your registration with The Garrison Institute for your lodging and meals. Your registration is not complete until you accomplish this step. (See prices below.)
  • The third step:  At the end of the event, you decide how much you would like to pay, based on your financial means, your feeling of value and gratitude, and your desire to support the work. If this amount is less than $75, we will happily refund you the difference, without judgment. We trust you to know the right amount to give.

Prices for food & lodging at the Garrison Institute are:

$170 for a single room (per night)

$145 for a bed in a double room (per person/per night)

$130 for space in a triple/quad "dorm" room (per person/per night).

$75 commuter fee for hotel/camping/Airbnb stays (per person, per night). Camping is an option, but not on site because of insurance limitations. There are several New York State Parks and campsites in the area. If you choose to camp, you will still need to register with Garrison as a commuter to attend. Marie Goodwin will send you a list of local campsite options in the area after you register. Please do not plan to car-sleep on site.

We also offer scholarships to bring in a diversity of ages and socioeconomic backgrounds. If the lowest "commuter" per diem fee to Garrison or the deposit is more than you can comfortably pay, we will subsidize you as best we can.

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