Dietary Transformation from the Inside Out

Access a powerful sense of inner authority and self-trust.

In food and diet...and beyond.

About This Course

This program will crystallize within you a powerful sense of inner authority and self-trust. In food and diet...and beyond. We explore a path of vitality and ease, yet one that also requires a firm commitment to undo deep-seated habits of struggle that are nearly universal in modern culture.

Unlike most courses on diet and nutrition, this learning journey will not tell you what to eat and not to eat. Many of us are quite comfortable with a new list of supplements or superfoods, new detox regimens or dietary principles… another set of instructions to follow. In this program we go beyond that comfort zone. We access the authority that resides in the body.

Does that sound like a cliche to you -- “listen to the body”? Easier said than done. In this course we develop simple and effective practices to connect with body intelligence, so that desire becomes a force we can trust for guidance, rather than an enemy that sabotages health. We will see why we so often hunger for things that do not serve our health, and we will learn how to maintain well-being at a higher level.

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Session Information

"Dietary Transformation from the Inside Out" consists of five main audio sessions, each with a conceptual discussion, a guided meditation, and a take-home practice to implement and ground the teachings. These can be downloaded for your listening convenience. A short video introduces each session. In addition, I’ve prepared a number of mini-modules on specific topics like fasting, exercise, supplements, and feeding children, and will add modules ongoingly in response to participant requests.

We recommend that you go through the core material first, approximately one session a week, before moving on to the modules. The main sessions in particular are dense with information and might reward repeated listenings and time to digest them.

Finally, a key aspect of this learning journey is the online forum, a moderated Facebook group where you can share experiences with other people taking this course. That will allow you to experience a community of practice and see that our approach, though contrary to what the culture programs us with, actually works.

Our Unique Approach

A key premise of this course is that for most people, the main problem isn’t lack of information about what, when, and how much to eat. Beyond diet too, the problem usually isn’t that we don’t know what to do. It is that we don’t do it. This course will bring you insights that go far beyond the realm of food, to include anything you choose to “bring in.” This learning journey is intended for people who:

Struggle with weight issues, particularly due to overeating

Struggle with poor dietary habits, for example eating too much sugar

Are at a transition point that calls for a healthier way of eating

Want to cut through confusion surrounding the hundreds of (contradictory) dietary authorities out there


Program Fees

You may be wondering why we haven’t displayed the fee for this course. The reason is that the fee is self-determined. We’ll explain more when you register. You may choose to pay what a normal online program of this level of quality costs, or you may choose more, less, or even zero. The team and I trust your judgement about what represents a commitment on your part and respects your financial situation.

We cannot really put a number value on it. That is not because we don’t think it is valuable. It is because we don’t know what the value will be, especially given the wide diversity of financial means out there. Therefore, we offer the course as a gift, trusting the generosity of participants to support us in developing and sustaining in-depth learning journeys like this one.

One final, important note: This program is not for people with serious medical conditions or serious eating disorders. I'm not saying this for legal reasons, I'm saying it because if you are very sick or have an eating disorder you should work one on one with a skilled practitioner.

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