Global Ecovillage Network Gathering

Molkom, Sweden (Ängsbacka Kursgård)

Start: Monday, July 17, 2017 at 12:30 pm
End: Thursday, July 20, 2017 at 6:00pm
Location: Ängsbacka Kursgård, Nyeds-backa, 511 660 60 Molkom
Cost: Tickets are all-inclusive: the conference fee, vegetarian and mostly organic food, and a camping spot next to our beautiful forest. Pricing varies according to your economic situation.
Registration: You can register directly with Ängsbacka/

Point of Contact: Marie Goodwin /

The Invitation

In an era of uncertain ecological and political futures, Robert Hall, GEN Europe’s Council President, invites participants “come and network with Europe’s grassroots change-makers. Join us to learn ways of increasing your happiness while being of greater service to humanity and the planet.”


This years theme is Conscious Happiness: Living the future today. Solidarity, Resilience & Hope. We know that a more beautiful world is possible, and we will explore this together as in communal living topics such as the sharing economy and social currencies, food sovereignty, renewable energies, non-violent communication, group facilitation, governance models, collective and consensual decision making, bio-architecture and ecological activism. And of course a lot of community glue activities.

The people that walk their talk will share experiences and know-how, mostly through workshops and talks but also through art, music, dance, film and exhibitions.

Round-table talks, documentaries, and presentations from the ecovillages themselves – new and old – are also year-in, year-out favourites. Morning activities to get into our lovely bodies, concerts, dance and music in the evenings to come together.

Join us to learn ways to live a richer life while being of greater service to humanity and the planet.

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